Firefox SR RTF Electric RC Helicopter

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The new Firefox SR breaks new boundries in the indoor heli category. We have designed a single rotor helicopter thats super easy to fly and at the same super agile ! Includes a 2.4GHZ 4 channel radio system for complete control. The Firefox SR includes a built in micro gyro stabilization system to enhance its hovering abilities way beyond other micro helis. With the included 420 mah battery , the firefox can get 10-13 minute flight times. Comes complete with auto peak A/C wall charger for quick charges.

Colored LED lighting system adds some cool visuals to all the fun.



* Rotor Diameter: 270mm/10.6in
* Height: 148mm/5.8in
* Length (not include rotor blades): 250mm/9.8in
* Weight: 71g/2.5 oz 
* Flight time: >10minutes

* R/C System: EFLY-4BⅡ 2.4G
* Motor: N50 brushed carbon high-magnetism motor
* Battery: 3.7V,420 mAh Li-poly battery
* Servo: 3.6g×2