About Us

We are drone nerds. We are engineers, scientists, professionals, drone pilots, makers, coders, and most of all we are US-based. We are passionate about drones! We started ReduxAir.com as a way for people to consider the fun and utility drones offer. Aerial photography, 3d-mapping, and inspection are all awesome becoming more and more necessary. FPV is not only a fun, out-of-body, experience that takes off where video games end, but it can also be used to develop skills and interest in STEM with kids. We're spreading the word!

The CEO of ReduxAir is an expert researcher which is useful for the vast information our products and technologies require. Our Director of Operations is an engineer and a semi-professional driver who now builds FPV drones. Our Chief Scientist is a physicist who is an electronics expert. Our engineers are always innovating. Redux Air tech worked hard to expedite shipping and get people flying.

We are all passionate about helping beginners fly for the first time, and getting professionals back in the air. Our staff offers expert customer service and support. We pledge to go the extra mile to get you flying. Our goal is to evangelize drones to the world one flight at a time starting with you!