Redux Air Redux32 F4 Nano 50A V2 20x20 ESC

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Ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking. This is Redux Airlines flight 101 with service to MultiGP. If you look above your head you’ll notice FPV goggles which need to down, and your thumbs which need to be up and ready on the tone in less than five. Your seating is in the no-smoking section which means your ESC has been technologically improved to mitigate fiery crashes. You’ve got a normal power output at 50 amps and F4 microcontroller units to send enough pulses with modulation to spin your motors fast enough to get off the line and through the first gate before your competition. We are cleared for take off a d we’ll be in the air momentarily.

This is the long-awaited version two of our big MOSFET  20x20 electronic speed controller (ESC). We’re delivering more durability and most importantly, a 1.0 JST-SH 8-pin connector. We listen to customers and we are happy to incorporate feedback into our products to make them even better. We are continuing to evolve the Redux32 line with team pilot and customer feedback.

We have taken the knowledge from Soren Monroe-Anderson's win at the 2020 MultiGP Champion, countless tests from top racing pilots, and packed it into this high-power, space-efficient, ESC. Redux32 fitment issues are now a thing of the past. If you don't want to part with your favorite frame, get the Redux32 Nano. 

ATTENTION: The pinout has changed for this version of the ESC, see attached media files to the left for the new wiring diagram.

12.0 grams
Firmware: BLHeli_32 
Protocol(s): DShot1200, DShot600, DShot300, MultiShot
Mounting: 20mm x 20mm (M4 with grommets = M3)
Filtration: 600 µF
Current Output: 50A
Peak Power: 85A
MOSFETs: Toshiba 5x6 40V-Rated N-Channel, Metal Oxide