Redux32 PRO F4 70A 128KHz 3s–8s 20x20 ESC

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We are proud to introduce the all new Redux32 PRO F4 20x20 race ESC. It is no mistake that Redux Air is known for  race ESCs. The fastest FPV pilots in the world fly our ESCs and we make changes per their feedback. This ESC is no different, it was designed by Redux Air and race-tested by some of the industry’s fastest pilots. We painstakingly selected the Bill of Material for this speed controller and spared no costs. It’s as if we wanted to win the prototype class at the 24 Hours of Le Mans against all odds, and all challenges. We’ve taken everything we learned from the “OG Redux32” as Amari calls it, the first version of the Redux32 Nano, the Redux32 Nano V2, feedback from pilots and manufacturers and packed it into one small board. This is the Redux32 PRO F4 60A 128KHz 20x20 ESC! Now win something! Shoot the most epic FPV video ever! Tag us on social media! LETS GO!!!!


Current: 70A

Peak: >80A 10S

Mounting: 20x20

Mounting Hole: M4 —> M3 (with grommets)


PWM Frequency: up to 128KHz

Protocol: BLHeli_32