BETAFPV Beta85X Whoop Quadcopter

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85X 3S Freestyle | Micro FPV by BGUFF 

Beta85X initiates a new concept of cine whoop to make the whole flying experience fun in a whoop drone. With HD DVR camera, you can simply capture breathtaking flight footage, record unforgettable memories during any events like a wedding or simply a walk in the park.

An overview of the Beta85X by Nate.

Extreme power & speed compatible with a 3S battery, BLHeli_32 16A ESC, EMAX Avan 2" props and 1105 6000KV motors, Beta85X definitely gives you more power and punch, the most thrilling flying experience you've ever had in flying whoop drones. You can rip it in a race, do cool freestyles and even dive a building.

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The smaller brother Beta75X is available too. Get a Beta75X here.

There are no batteries included for all versions. You should purchase 3-4S LiPo batteries with XT-30 connectors.



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