DJI FPV Prop Adapter Mounts (4pcs)

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These prop adapting mounts are specially designed for the DJI FPV quad, suitable for M5 mount hole props. These adapters provide a different flying experience than the original DJI FPV setup, by optimizing performance!

Propeller adapters hold your propellers securely so they won’t fly away during your flying exercises. No matter if you race drones or do drone photography, you will need a prop adapter to help attach your propeller to the shaft.

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  • Suitable for M5 mount hole props
  • Designed for the DJI FPV quad
  • Optimizes flight performance
  • Durable AL/Steel material


  • Compatibility: DJI FPV Quad
  • Material: AL/STEEL
  • Motor shaft: M5
  • Weight: 5g


  • 4 x AL M5 Lock Nut
  • 4 x Prop Mount
  • 2 x Wrench 
  • 12 x Screw