DJI Mavic Pro Bundle With Extra Battery, DJI Goggles, and Go Professional Case

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With DJI Goggles, your DJI Mavic Pro will still be a UAV, but you’ll have to reassure yourself. DJI Goggles flip up easily, so you’ll be forgiven if you lift them, look down, and make sure your feet are still on the ground.

Go ahead and wiggle your toes; you’ll want to be sure the feet you see below your legs are really yours.

You’ll be in the air longer, experience totally immersive flight, and transport your quadcopter and accessories more easily with the DJI Mavic Pro Bundle. And your wallet will be thicker because the bundle saves you money compared with buying the items separately.

The Mavic Pro quadcopter includes all standard features:

  • Foldable
  • 1.6 lb. total weight
  • 21 to 27 minutes of flight time
  • 4.3-mile range
  • 4K video
  • Pocket-sized remote controller; holds a smartphone and works anywhere without WiFi
  • Live-streaming video at 720p to 1080p
  • 40 mph top speed
  • Precise positioning with redundant sensors
  • Obstacle avoidance from 2 feet to 49 feet
  • Beginner mode to get you started safely

Why the Mavic Pro Bundle?

First, you get the exciting, highly capable Mavic Pro quadcopter, which ships with 3 pairs of propellers, a gimbal clamp, charger, charger cable, 16GB Micro SD card, Micro USB cable, RC cable Lightning connector, RC cable with standard micro USB connector, 2 cable sliders, and all manuals.

It’s a foldable drone with the professional-level features only DJI can deliver, including 12MP stills and 4K video stabilized by a 3-axis gimbal.

In addition, the bundle gives you:

  • DJI Goggles for immersive 1080P streaming
  • Extra Intelligent Flight Battery to get you airborne quickly after a return to base
  • A GoPro hard alligator case to carry your drone and peripherals

DJI Goggles

DJI Goggles are the next best thing to being airborne yourself. They connect to your Mavic Pro wirelessly, but they offer optional control of your drone and camera with a touchpad on the right side of the goggles — or with head movement only. If want to take a quick look at your smartphone screen, they flip up easily, then right back down.

You’ll see where you’re going and what you’re shooting, as well as important telemetrics, right on the goggles’ twin high-def viewing screens. Your view will be in 1080p, or 720p at greater distances, while your Mavic Pro shoots detailed 4K video.

They’re designed for a comfortable fit, and they’re adjustable, so you’ll feel good wearing them for long shoots. And this is totally cool: You can let a friend wear them to experience flight while you control the drone from your remote controller.

Intelligent Flight Batteries

Fly your Mavic pro for up to 27 minutes —about 21 minutes in real-world conditions — not just the 10 or 15 of lesser small drones. The quick-charge 3S Intelligent Flight Battery keeps itself from overcharging and prevents damage from excessive discharging during storage. It tells how much power is left onscreen.

With the bundle, you get an extra battery to get back in the air quickly after returning to base. Additional batteries and a multi-battery charging hub are available from DroneNerds.

GoPro Mavic Pro Alligator Case

The GoPro Hard Case puts a handle on convenience. You’ve got all this stuff to take to a remote site, and with the GoPro case that’s included in your bundle, you have something to carry it all. The shell is hard for protection, resisting water and dust. The custom cutouts in the foam interior cradle your folded drone and all your accessories for even more protection.

The GoPro can hold up to four spare batteries (plus one in the drone), remote controller, charging hub, charger, extra props, and lens filters. So if you’re headed to a shooting site accessible only on foot, the GoPro case can help you stay long enough to get some serious work done.

Fly by Phone

Download an app to your smartphone and you can take a quick flight or set up a shoot, flying only by phone without using the controller.

Redundant Sensors

Reliable positioning results from dual IMUs and compasses on the Mavic Pro. Your Mavic has GPS, GLONASS, and ultrasonic rangefinders. Each key sensor on the Mavic Pro is duplicated. That means that if one sensor fails, the backup sensor kicks in.

Vision Sensors

Mavic senses obstacles as close as 2 feet at low speeds, and as far away as 49 feet when flying as fast as 22 mph. When Mavic Pro senses an obstacle, it stops and hovers until you tell it what to do. With vision sensors that see in three directions, you’re saved from unexpected dangers, even as high as 14 feet off the ground and when trees block GPS signals.

Flight Autonomy helps you hover precisely and land where you took off. Precision Landing senses if the landing site is uneven.

Use TapFly onscreen to send your drone in the right direction. Terrain Follow keeps your drone at a fixed height off the ground even if you’re locked onto a subject moving over uneven terrain. Return to Home, which is activated manually or automatically if the battery runs low, helps your Mavic Pro avoid obstacles while returning to base.

DJI Go shows onscreen what your camera sees, from as far away as 4.3 miles. You’ll know where you are, altitude, battery reserve, and what’s in front of you.

Live-Stream Video

See what you’re shooting and where you’re going with Mavic Pro’s OcuSync. It streams in 1080p when your drone is close, and 720p when it’s more distant — up to 4.3 miles. All the while, your Mavic Pro records ultra-high-def 4K video. It also syncs with DJI Goggles.

Stabilized 4K Video, Quality Camera

The 4K video your Mavic shoots will have more than four times the pixels of 1080p. It will be recorded at up to 30fps, made shake-free by a 3-axis gimbal that cancels out drone movement.

With ActiveTrack, Mavic Pro locks onto your subject or onto you, if you want. Even without a dedicated photographer, you’ll communicate directly with your Mavic Pro through your remote controller. Choose the mode that’s best for your shoot:

Trace — Follow in front of or behind your subject, or encircle it. Video record a bride and groom while flying backward and level as they leave the church. You don’t have to bend low or walk backward.

Profile — If you’re trying to follow a hiker, kayaker, skater or your dog hot on the trail of a scent, Mavic Pro will keep your subject in focus as it flies alongside.

Spotlight — Once you find a stationary subject, fly wherever you need to go to discover the perfect angle. The spotlight will keep the subject in frame and in focus. You’ll be able to zoom in or out with your Mavic Pro as Spotlight preserves the focal point.

Tripod — The deliberate, measured moves of your drone that result from Tripod mode help you capture the subtleties in every scene.

Gesture-Triggered Selfies

Mavic Pro reads the programmed hand gestures you learn and then gives you three seconds to pose. Done!

Automatic/ Manual Camera Controls

Shoot automatically, or be as creative as you want by manually controlling aperture, shutter speed, ISO and file format onscreen. While shooting 12MP stills, set the shutter between 8 seconds for a time exposure and action-freezing 1/8000 second. Bursts come at 3/5/7 fps.

Mavic Pro comes with a 16MB video card; optional cards can boost storage capacity to 64MB.

OcuSync also allows you to download video and stills while recording additional images. Getting signal interference? OcuSync automatically chooses the best frequency available.

Live Streaming Video, Editing, Sharing

Want to get your video out there to the rest of the world right now? Livestream video to Facebook or YouTube. Edit it first and fast with DJI Go Editor on your smartphone. Or shoot in Adobe DNG RAW, so you can really fuss over it on your computer, editing for professional detail and effect.

After editing, share your video on Twitter, Instagram or SkyPixel, the DJI community for sharing aerial images.

Ground Video

Your 1.6-lb. Mavic Pro can shoot ground video, too. Remove the props and fold the arms. Mount your phone to your remote controller and connect in WiFi mode. Just handhold the drone and shoot. The 3-axis gimbal will stabilize ground video the same way it does aerial video.

To return to the air, just reverse the minutes-long process.

An available Katana Handheld Stabilizer will make ground shooting even easier.  It has two handles like professional handheld systems and holds your Mavic Pro securely.

Mavic Pro Accessories

You can add even more to your Mavic Pro Flying experience with available accessories.

Extend range with an FPVLR antenna upgrade unit for your Mavic Pro controller. If you’re inexperienced with this kind of upgrade, add affordable professional installation by Redux Air, Inc. technicians. They will install the antenna upgrade, including firmware updates, then test it to make sure it works before shipping it back. Arrange for installation online or by calling 937-388-5999.

To manage light while shooting video and stills, go for PolarPro Mavic lens filters. They are available in packs of six or packs of three.