DYS Mr. Q 2.4Ghz Radio - Hall Effect Gimbals

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This DYS Mr. Q controller operates on the FrSky D8 protocol which makes it compatible with many other Bind And Fly (BNF) Tinywhoop drones, and/or D8 SBUS receivers. This is a great controller for the DYS Shark Mako, which it is designed for, and comes with, in the RTF kit. 

You can see the gimbals on the controller, and the controller itself resembles the appearance of DJI's Spark controller, which is of high quality. We personally like the ergonomics of DYS Mr. Q controller, and low-latency better than that of the Spark controller.

There is a USB port on the bottom side of the controller which may make it possible to use as a controller for Velocidrone as well. We haven't tried it but it may be possible. 

Working Frequency: 2.4Ghz
Remote control distance: 500m
Protocol: Frsky D8
Receiver: SBUS
Gimbal: Hall Effect
Working Voltage:3.7V
Size: 158x90x41mm
Weight: 240g