Gemfan Hurricane MCK 51466-3 Propeller (4pcs) - Choose your color

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Goggles down thumbs up! Get ready for Gemfan's Hurricane 51466 Durable 3-Blade MCK Edition Propeller! The 51466 Hurricane series was designed for agile flight at high speed with its incredibly low weight of just 4g.

The 51466 props have a smaller blade profile and excel in higher RPMs due to the lighter weight and smaller paddle width across the blade.

The Hurricane is incredibly durable despite its lightweight which makes it ideal for racing. Even if you bend a prop, there is a good chance you can bend it back and get back to flying.

Ideal for freestyle and indoor racing.

Gemfan Hurricane MCK 51466-3

Material: PC
Weight: 4.05g
Pitch: 3.6inch
Prop Dia: 129.5mm
Center Thickness: 7mm
Center Hole Dia: 5mm popo
Adaptive Motor: 2205-2306
Colors: Lemon Yellow, Pink, Clear Blue, Clear, Clear Gray, Clear Red, Green, Milk White