Hobbywing XRotor Race Pro 2306 1750Kv Motor

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The Hobbywing Xrotor 2306 Race Pro is a new generation of motor specially designed for FPV professional-class freestyle & speed racing. It features quick acceleration, rapid response, high efficiency, plus the super low cogging torque which allows the motor to run as smooth as silk. All this will make the film you video during the freestyle flying more, as they say, "juicy"!


Innovative Design

  • The optimized propeller holder further increases the friction between the propeller base and the motor front endbell to prevent the propeller from slipping when it’s under strong impact (i.e. crash).
  • Due to the big torque of racing motors, the design & relevant technologies of the front endbell & the shaft have been improved to guarantee the enhanced radial & axial strength, improved reliability & service life, smaller gap (between propeller base & holder) & deformation in different directions when the propeller is under the impact of external force. All this will allow the pilot to have a more smooth and relaxing experience even in the race.
  • For meeting the special need of FPV freestyle & racing motor, an optimized stator is used to replace the standard stator for reducing iron loss (eddy current loss) and copper loss (energy loss caused by the internal resistance of the copper wire), reducing the motor’s overall temperature, improving its efficiency.

Ultra lightweight design

  • The new 2306 Race Pro motor has been developed to push the limits of durability while remaining extremely lightweight. High quality 7075 aluminum and Titanium shaft not only reduce weight but provide reliability and strength. Super lightweight 27.5g w/o wires

Top Quality Components

  • High quality 7075 aluminum, and high-precision CNC Machining technology produce an improved strength and axial concentricity.
  • The hollow Titanium-alloy shaft reduces the shafts overall weight by 50% compared to standard motor shaft designs.
  • The EZO bearings are high-quality Japanese bearings are the best available, providing longer life, lower noise, and improved overall tolerances.
  • Ultra-thin (0.1mm) Silicon steel laminations are used to manufacture the stators. This high-quality material improves overall efficiency.
  • Using the strongest, and most heat resistant NbFeB magnets ensure maximum torque under load, and excellent consistency across the motors operating ranges.


  • Stator Diameter/Thickness: 23mm/6mm
  • Slot/Rotor pole: 12S/14P
  • Rotor Diameter/Shaft Diameter: 27.9mm/5mm
  • Body Length (w/o, w/ Shaft): 17.3mm/30.7mm
  • Best match w/ Xrotor Micro Stack ESC (4in1)
  • Weight: 27.5g (w/o wires) 
  • Wire size: 20AWG/150mm
 KV 1600kv 1750kv 2400kv 2700kv
LiPo Cell  6S 5-6S 4-5S 4S
No-Load Current(A/11.1V) 0.66A 0.76A 1.26A 1.36A
Motor Resistance 83mΩ 79.8mΩ 43.65mΩ 37.38mΩ
Max Cont. current (30s) 25.24A 26.11A 37.9A 40.73A
Max Cont. Power  (30s) 605.76W 626.64W 758W 651.7W
Recommended ESC (A) 30-40A 30~40A 40~50A 40~50A
Recommended Props  5~6 inch 5~6 inch 5~6 inch 5 inch