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The Raven Bind-And-Fly

The Raven is the product of our Electronic Speed  Controller (ESC) theory, and subsequent frame development program. ESCs can be designed to be a specific size, make a certain current output, or durability. 
Due to the available semiconductor technology, and thermodynamics, it is only possible to choose two of the aforementioned characteristics of an Electronic Speed Controller. We choose power and durability.

The Redux32 ESC
This package includes our venerable prototype Redux32 20x20 ESC on which the Raven race frame is based. We've been testing these ESCs since early this summer and have gotten a lot of great feedback from all of the pilots we've sent them out to. It's one thing to claim an ESC is good but when you have top

MultiGP pilots like Propsicle, and PhatKid, and DRL pilots like Amari and Mewo flying them, crashing them, referring other pilots to them, and requesting more to build out race fleets with them its another thing. These ESCs can take every bit of abuse and then some. We cannot keep prototypes in stock. We cannot order prototypes fast enough. We're having to go into production to meet demand from other pilots.

PhatKid with a Redux32 in action

MewoFPV with a Redux32 in action

Propsicle FPV with a Redux32 in action

The Raven Frame
The Raven 5-inch race frame was developed around the Redux32 4-in-1 ESC. We iterated over several frame designs with KDRA and freestyle pilot DHFPV from South Korea, and MultiGP pilots Buhlahkay and PhatKid. We listened to everyone who flew the Raven, made changes based on input about flight characteristics, crash performance, reinforced stress points, and upgraded materials to a 7075 aluminum main plate, and Toray T300 carbon.

We added the option to upgrade to T700 arms and that is what we use in this bind-and-fly drone. Make no mistake about the ultra-lightweight ratings of the Raven frames, they are crash durable and race-proven. At 58.2 grams assembled, comes a firm, vibration-free, crash durable, responsive, insanely fast platform for a racing drone with guided missile-liked precision. 

The Motors
Our team pilots in Singapore are using RCINPOWER Wasp Major 2020kv 22.6-6.5 motors paired with

Redux32 ESCs on their Ravens. This is an insanely fast, while at the same time, highly controllable, combination when paired with HQ R38 Props or GemFan 5146.6 MCK props. R38s work great at 96KHz PWM frequency on the Redux32 with these motors and a solid PID tune. Not only are these motors fast, but they are also extremely durable, as in being run over by a car durable. We test a lot.

Flight Controller
Heli-Nation Talon F7 V2 MPU6000s are some of the most popular 20x20 flight controllers on the market for a reason, they're reasonably priced, they're easy to set up, they fly well, and they are exceedingly crash durable. Redux Air team pilots are using these flight controllers and in conjunction with Redux32 ESCs on Betaflight 4.2 and they work like a charm.

Heli-nation Talon F7 V2 MPU600 Flight Controller

One cannot help to notice the fact that the entire Detroit Drone Racing MultiGP chapter (which are some of the fastest pilots in The United States) uses these flight controllers over everything. After two builds, we agree! 

Shown in the photo to the left, is a Foxeer Predator V5 Nano FPV camera. This Camera is almost like a low-resolution DJI system without the 60 grams of additional weight. Durability is a big reason for the selection of parts used on this quad which is what we have found with Foxeer's predator line regardless of camera size. Most plug-and-play and bind-and-fly drone offerings use cheap cameras but what's the point of going fast if you can't see? Below is an example of what to expect from one of these little cameras. We recommend the Predator V5 Nano but the Foxeer Razor Nano is also a great option!


Video Transmission
The standard option for video transmission is a PandaRC Nano 16X16 25~400mW with the included whip antenna which is awesome for the price! However, we do have a lighter, more powerful option which is the 25~500mw Pro32 Nano V1.1 by Team Blacksheep with the Triumph Pro u.FL, or Triumph Pro Stubby SMA antenna. 

Receiver Options
The receivers available are FrSky XM+, Spektrum SRXL2, TBS Crossfire Nano, and ImpulseRC Ghost. 

Package Includes
T700 Raven 5-Inch bind-and-fly (BNF) racing drone (1)
Spare Toray T700 arm (1)
Redux Air kevlar LiPo strap (2)
Spare hardware pack (1)
Spare 4mm-thick cross-brace (1)
HQ Prop R38 (2)

Custom Options
Contact us about any motors, flight controller, or any other part not listed.

Dry weight: 258-275 grams 
Wheelbase: 205mm
Arm Geometry: Stretched-X
Camera Angle: 45 degrees with optional 35-60 degree mount
Top Speed: Unknown