Redux Air Raven PRO 5-inch Race Frame

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This is the second iteration of an evolution of The Raven, a race frame we have had in development for years. We found that the raven was exceedingly stable but there were a few few things we liked about true-x arm geometry and here we are with the Raven Pro. I smacked gate, after gate with this a 3K carbon sample version of this frame and it held up to all of my abuse and even that of Jay Chapman of Detroit Drone Racing for several packs. You can run this frame on default Betaflight settings with DAL 5146.5 V2 props.


• Toray T700 Carbon Fiber Construction
• One-Screw Arm Removal
• Reduced footprint 
• 53 Grams of carbon fiber
• 9 millimeters of carbon at the core
• Takes a beating
• True-X arm geometry