Redux32 F3 50A 96K 20x20 4-in-1 ESC

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This product is no longer in production and has been replaced by our Redux32 PRO and Redux32 Nano V2.

Champion ESC
Redux32 is the choice of elite pilots and champions. This electronic speed controller (ESC) is the Mezger engine of drone racing! We (Team Redux Air) went over planning, flight-testing, and race testing multiple batches of factory samples. We relied on the opinions of our team pilots regarding which components to choose, PCB size, etc. based on their experience, and race frame preference. We're not trying to make a profit, we're simply trying to go faster and we will continue pushing that envelope so get on board or move over!

Racing and Winning
While most people were grinding the 2020 MultiGP Global Qualifier, FIA circuits, ADL, and KDRA races we were hard at work iterating over the logistics of lab tests, flight tests, and crash durability tests. Two important tests gave us the idea to go ahead and move on to race-testing, the last lab test in-which a 1880KV rcINpower 2306 motor was overpowered, and a Redux32 survived a 100mph+ crash into a tree. Our team pilot, Tony Esparza who goes by SolidFPV, sent a fleet of Ravens to second place at MultiGP. Tony's own weres were, "I'm faster with the redux/raven build".

We then sent a team of Redux Air team pilots to the 2020 MultiGP Championship with fleets of racing drones built with Redux32 ESCs. Solid came in at 18th place (he went to the wrong track), Cory "Mewo" Ibanez came in at 9th place, Silas "Propsicle" Aaron, came in at 6th place (DNS), and Soren "PhatKid" Monroe-Anderson took first place with a Redux32! 


Not Resting On Laurels
We didn't just rush to production after the success of Team Redux Air at the MultiGP Championship. We gathered reports from all of our pilots on performance and crash survivability. We listened to customers and made optimizations for mass production. We then took input from Beckett "Noical" Verelli, Marshall "-MAYHEM-" Scalisi,  Joaquin "JBOX" Ybanez, Joshua "Wildtype" Locsin, Doehyeong "DH FPV" Lim, MinChan "MCK" Kim, Alex Vanover who all have said, "this ESC is super good", "flies great", "flies amazing", and "this is the most locked-in quad I've ever had in my life". We made the Redux32 even better than the prototypes used at MultiGP Champs this year. We didn't spend a dollar on marketing or trying to create hype, we just let people fly the ESC and they posted about it online.

The Redux32 is just a 30x30 ESC with 20x20 holes big deal! 😂
Looks are deceiving. Don't let the size and shape fool you. We found that traditional 20x20 ESCs which are based on 3x3 or 3-millimeter x 3-millimeter MOSFETs and the smallest printed circuit boards (PCBs) possible are insufficient for the rigors of championship drone racing and even freestyle. The pilots we sent ESCs to,  create voltage spikes from high-speed crashes that generate too much heat for the smaller PCBs to dissipate, and 3x3 MOSFETs to handle before damaging the ESC. 

Our research shows that 32-Bit ESCs are subject to a theorem in which two out of three design characteristics for current (power), availability (durability), or (small) PCB size are available. 

The durability of an electronic speed controller is primarily dependant on its ability to sustain a voltage spike caused by crashes, braking, and hard maneuvers. We have over 1,000μF of onboard capacitance to reduce voltage spikes. We also added a TVS Diode on the underside of the battery terminals to further mitigate voltage spikes. The size of the Redux32 circuit board is perfectly matched to the requirement to dissipate heat at the levels demanded by the world's fastest drone racing pilots. The width of the ESC not only allows for motor swaps without disassembly of the flight controller stack, but it also allows the MOSFETs to be cooled by airflow in flight, without being too wide.

Redux32 in Action 






  • High-performance 32-bit microcontroller unit running at a 168MHz clock speed for unparalleled performance.
  • Comes flashed from the factory with BLHeli_32 32.7 to make setup faster.
  • Special hardware/software combination to prevent loss of sync.
  • Supports beacon functionality and can be programmed to beep if the craft is lost or power is low.
  • Runs FLAWLESSLY at 96KHz PWM Frequency with no loss of sync.
  • Includes a 28v TVS Diode on the battery pad to further mitigate voltage spikes which greatly improves crash survivability. 
  • Exceedingly low latency due to MCU operating at more than twice the speed of comparable ESCs.
  • Available with MR30 connectors.


  • Input voltage: 3-6S LiPo
  • Continuous Current: 50A
  • On-board capacitance: 1200μf
  • Further filtration: 28v TVS Diode on battery pad
  • Firmware: BLHeli_32
  • Support: Dshot 600/1200
  • Mounting hole : 20X20 mm/M3
  • BEC: No
  • Product size: 43*34*7mm
  • Weight: 13.3g
  • PWM Frequency: 96KHz
  • MOSFET: Toshiba 40v rated N-Channel 


  • 1 x Redux Air Redux32 F3 50A 3-6S 4-in-1 ESC
  • 4 x Damping Rubbers (M3x4mm)
  • 1 x XT60 connector and wires
  • 2 x 8pin wiring harness (1x 70mm,1x 50mm)
  • 1 x 35v 470μf Capacitor

Redux32 Pinout