Wltoys S977 RC Drone Helicopter Aircraft with Camera

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S977 3.5-Way RC Helicopter Helicopter with Integrated Camera with Gyroscopic + Miniature Vehicle 

Have you always dreamed of making spectacular filming of the air? 

Ever wanted to have an agile helicopter? 

If so, we have the place for you! 

This remote-controlled model is one of the best RC helicopters on the market, with the built-in video camera, it allows you a lot of fun. 

This remote-controlled model is a 3.5-way RC helicopter with sophisticated aviation technology and is the first RC helicopter that can fly even in windy weather. 

With an integrated camera, you can make the most photos and videos of the air, which give you another experience.

The helicopter has an alloy that is very strong and unbreakable and an LED floodlight. Thanks to the infrared remote control, this elegant model is easy to control and maneuver. 

The RC helicopter is suitable for indoor and outdoor and is an ideal model for beginners