Yakuza R226 Frame Kit

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We at Redux Air believe the Yakuza R226 is one of the [most beautifully] designed race frames. Each part is of the highest quality. Machining tolerances of this frame are danger-close. Tight tolerances make the airframe, firm, and enable the quad on which it is built, to move with snap-response. You may have to lower your rates! You can fly the Yakuza Fujin on Velocidrone right now to get a sense of how these frames fly in real life. Yakuzas fly butter smooth, fluidly, fast, and they go exactly where you point them, like bullets from a sniper rifle!

Yakuza R226 frames include 3mm-thick, 7075 aluminum core plates which are a lot less likely to bend than aluminum core plates on race frames. The R226 is not only beautiful, but it is also lightweight, durable and swings 5.1" props in all configurations.

One of the best features of all Yakuza frames is that they feature a multiple, or selectable-arm geometry configuration. You do not need to purchase 4 frames to get a feel for which arm geometry you like best. You can simply get one R226 and try whichever arm configuration you like. Regardless of your preference,  a Yakuza R226 can be configured in either "squished x", "stretched x", "true x", or even "hybrid x" by removing four only screws.


Yakuza R226 Frame Set includes

    • 226mm motor-to-motor base (in Exact-X config)
    • 3mm carbon Base-Plate
    • 4mm or 5mm 4k carbon Arms with 10mm width
      • Single arm design allows multiple configurations
        • ExactX, StretchX, SquishX, 2 types of HybridX
        • Swings 5.1’ props in all configurations
    • Gunmetal, Red, or Purple 3mm CNC-milled 7075 aluminum Core-Plate
      • 20x20 & 30x30 floating Flight Controller stack mounting holes
        • Eliminates noise to Flight Controller gyros.
      • Internal screw threads for m3 screws
      • Hollow center for weight savings and RX mounting 
    • 2mm Top-Plate
    • 2mm Support-Plate (used on top or at the bottom)
    • 2mm Cam-Plates (for mini-sized cams)
    16 x Steel m3x11mmGunmetal
  • Gunmetal, red, purple, or matte black 4 x 30mm aluminum stand-offs
  • 4 x steel FC stack screws + 4 x m3x3mm FC spacers + 4 x m3x5mm FC spacers + 4 x hex nuts + 4 x silicon FC vibration dampening rubber grommets


  • TPU Camera Mount 
  • TPU Wire Guard
  • TPU Antenna Mount